Monday, August 23, 2010

Gottem Gottem Needem!!

Introducing GOTTEM GOTTEM NEEDEM, a graphic novel illustrated by Kensuke Okabayashi, and adapted and produced by Salt and Magic Studio, based on the original screenplay by William Vernick and Robert Sukys.

Though GOTTEM GOTTEM NEEDEM is set in a time past, collecting and gambling baseball cards is a genetic trait (usually male) that has survived countless generations and flourishes today. GOTTEM GOTTEM NEEDEM is the story of Robert, a kid with one goal in life: get back his most valuable baseball card - Rocky Colavito. To accomplish that, he's gotta gamble, beg, borrow or steal every single major league baseball card. If he somehow can do that, Robert has one chance. He must put all his cards on the line. If he wins, he gets back Rocky Colavito. If he loses…

Thing is, getting all those cards is almost impossible. Until one day, Phillip, who is blind, shows up at Robert's class one day. Their teacher volunteers Robert to guide Phillip to and from school every day. While they don't take to one another right away, the boys soon find they have a lot in common - and they discover a way for Phillip to help get Rocky back.

GOTTEM GOTTEM NEEDEM puts you in a world of friendship, baseball, bullies and gambling. It's a great combo of reality, fantasy, comedy and adventure.

KENSUKE OKABAYASHI is founder of Piggy Back Studios, (Jersey City, NJ). Ken is a professional artist. A graduate of Wheaton College (BS Pyschology) and School of Visual Arts (BFA Illustration), his work can be seen in everything from comic books, gaming and toy illustrations, graphic novels to advertising storyboards.

SALT AND MAGIC STUDIO is a multi-media production studio based in Brooklyn, NY.

WILLIAM VERNICK and ROBERT SUKYS are writers, producers and directors who have helped create numerous national advertising campaigns, including THE BEST PART OF WAKIN' UP IS FOLGERS IN YOUR CUP. Together, they have written a number of screenplays, such as CITY GOLF - about a legendary golf trickshot artist. Bill and Bob based GOTTEM GOTTEM NEEDEM on their own experiences growing up in Cleveland and New York.

If you're a publisher of graphic novels or producer of movies - or if you just love graphic novels and movies, you can read an outline of the graphic novel as well as the full screenplay - in PDF form. Please write to us at