Saturday, February 26, 2011

Java with goggles (oil painting)

Not too long ago, I started exploring what it would be like to render my caffeine charged character, Java, as if she were a mix between real and more manga-ish (dare I say?)

This is probably my second attempt to render figures sans reference. In past, I would hire models or get friends to pose for me. I found painting without too much reliance on a photo to be quite refreshing.

On a side note, a colleague of mine has suggested using Tumbler as a blog posting site. Not sure right now if I want to take that leap after becoming so used to using Blogger.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Drawing for Dummies is finally here!

I just got copies of my official third Dummies book - Drawing for Dummies. This time around, I was responsible for the artwork (hence you don't see my name in the cover credits much to my disappointment). I did, however, get to put my name inside of the cover art work I did. Needless to say one can tell which famous illustrator I got the composition idea from (hint - he's got a huge exhibit going on at the Brooklyn Museum of Art). The marketing manager at Wiley liked the cover so much he wanted the original artwork to frame in his office.