Tuesday, November 20, 2007

All nighter at the studio

First time in a new location is always going to be tough as they say. I'm working at my Kearney Studio and plan to do an all nighter. Not because I want to by the way! I'm working on the final cover for the Dysfunction book which has to get done tres vite. I'm the process of working up a proposal for another book for a major publisher which I cannot describe or discuss except to say I am very excited.

There are some major changes which are about to take place in my freelance career. While nothing is set in stone yet, I've been busy since this morning with emails and phone messages. I will let everyone know once the dust is settled (which maybe as soon as next month). I'm both excited and anxious which is all I can for now.

I'll be cooking up some ramen noodles at the studio! Here's to you other freelancers doing the same thing this evening!

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