Monday, March 03, 2008

RIP - Digital Camera

A great weather for Jersey City/NYC and I hope it stays this way. I'm getting myself reorganized at the Kearny Studio and I must say, I'm really excited about the new set up. Sometimes all it takes for things to get rolling is to reorganize things.

My digital camera is dead - on my way to the studio last week, I foolishly packed my digital camera with my water bottle (which was leaking at the lid). STTTTUUUPIDDD!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, time to get another one.

The cover for Five Dysfuntions is off to the catalogue and should be appearing online soon. One of the challenges is that since I did the cover first before doing the entire book, the characters' appearances starts to change a bit over the course of time. Hopefully i can adjust the final formats. The book is coming out in June - I'm excited. Spread the world, folks!

Last friday, I was up till 5 AM working on a sample chapter to turn in to my acquisitions editor. it's got a great potential to be really awesome and I'm hoping the final contract will see the day of light.


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