Friday, April 25, 2008

Demonstration and Book Signing at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The weather is getting warmer here in Jersey City! I haven't had time to get back into the off site studio this week since Monday. It's been so busy, I've been working at my home studio (which can be nice since I don't have to commute).

I wanted to mention I'll be doing some manga demonstrations on May 3 and 4 (Saturday and Sunday) at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Sakura Festival. I hope y'all can come by and say hello!


Peter Palmiotti said...

That sounds wonderful...I would if I could! LOL!

Maria said...

Hey Okabayashi-san!
We went to your little panel thing on Saturday (today). We were the ones sitting in the front row - the 2 old farts who knew about Glass no Kamen and Berubara (Rose of Versailles ^_^) I'm the one with the power puff girls tshirt haha. Anyway it was great sitting at the panel with you, you're a funny guy!! Thanks for the tips on anatomy too and hey a wacom is definitely a valuable tool. I've been using their tablets for the last 8 years!


Yes, I remember both of you! Thanks for sitting through the panel. It was a blast this past weekend.
BTW - I'm really eye-balling that new cintiq that came out recently.