Thursday, February 19, 2009

A transitional month

Ny Comicon was another spectacular event. The floor just gets large and larger each coming year. Wiley Singapore sent over a package of promo material which arrived in perfect timing.

I had a great productive meeting with Stephanie Tuesday. We're both very pleased and excited with our joint portfolio project we're putting together. A dedicated website which features our combined works is currently being designed and will launch shortly.

Rarely, do I post a personal note on my blog. However, I feel excited announce that I'm making a two week trip to Japan next month. It's been over ten years since my last visit and I'm very excited and at the same time a bit nervous. I look forward to visiting relatives. I'm also making some visits to colleagues that have worked with me on my recent projects. It will be nice to finally see them face to face as opposed to chatting over Skype.

On a transitional note, I have made the decision to move my Kearny Studio back into Jersey City. While my time at Kearny has been great and productive in many ways, I feel that bringing back the studio to Jersey City, will provide an opportunity to mentally organize and structure my work load as I am planning on working on a wide range of projects in various mixed media.

Well that's it for now. More to follow (sorry about the long delay.)

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Nebethetpet said...

Wow, sounds like you have a full plate! Japan does sound exciting! Hope all is well.