Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Back to NY Mode

It's nice to be back in USA. Japan was a great experience and in some ways, a culture shock. One interesting thing that I noticed is that people are polite and expected to be sensitive and considerate to the surrounding public. For example, usage of mobile phones are not allowed on public transportation. You must set your phone to "Manner Mode (essentially vibration)." Another interesting thing is that a lot of the men have the same haircut. It's the disheveled long hairstyle which you would typically see worn by your favorite anime/manga character. Veerrry interesting!

On the creative side, I met up with one of my editors, Doug Jackson, with whom I worked with on The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. He introduced me to folks at Eat Creative. I also got to hang out with one of my relatives, Kato Yutaka, who is a graphic designer and a Japanese match collector. We visited couple of art openings in Ginza where his friends were having an art gallery opening. I also met a Japanese illustrator, Yasumistu, who's illustration style is very distinctly Japanese (especially where he uses the Japanese wood block tecniques.)

I will be posting photos tomorrow. For now, it's trying to cope with my jet lag which is proving to be more difficult that I initially anticipated!

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Doug said...

Hey Kensuke,

It was great to have you over here and hang out in the city. Glad to know you made it back home in one piece. Send me that pic from Okajoki when you have a chance.