Friday, May 15, 2009

Illustration photography jury

Days are getting warmer which is a good thing!
I was part of a jury for a students' art show in Hillsborough, NJ organized by veteran illustrator, Kevin Murphy who has just opened up The Art Academy of Hillsborough. You can visit their site at I had the chance of meeting up with a good friend and classmate, Graig Kreindler, from School of Visual Arts.


Anonymous said...

hi Mr. Okabayashi
this is Young-Sun, i placed fifth in the art show. I was the little asian girl that stayed after and talked to you and your colleages for a bit after the show. I hope you remember me.
I'm writing this comment to ask a question I commpletely forgot about when I as talking to you. Art discussion is pretty distracting. I really wanted to know the criteria for the judging process so that I can better myself and know what professionals feel is successful and not. For example, what was it about the first place winner's collage or the second place's sketch that made you pick it? (since I'm not a photographer... I can't really ask about the best of show)
So if you find some extra time around the edges of your busy schedual, I would greatly appreciate your feedback on this question.
Thank you for your time


Dear Ms. Young-Sun,

First of all, congratulations last night. There were certainly a lot of entries and it wasn't an easy process of deciding the winner. We all had our favorites and if I remember correctly, my vote was one of the highest for your work. Each judge had their individual professional experiences and backgrounds which lead to the choices they made. I think your work is very unique and wonderful. Keep it up!!