Sunday, July 12, 2009

No Sleep TIll Brooklyn!

Sorry for the delay in postings and updates. I'm starting a new phase in my lifestyle by recently moving into Brooklyn! I'm very excited about being a New Yorker once again after living in Jersey City for close to ten years. This has meant a complete overhaul in my studio and layout.

This past weekend, I did a signing and panel discussion at the first Asian American Comicon. It was interesting getting to meet various artists who had a range of creative styles.

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Lyntha Tye said...

I think I am reading you wrong. You mean signing right? Not singing, right? I know you play the piano, but singing...We should do a duo, dude :)

Yes! Come back to Brooklyn! Be a teacher again, cause you are awesome at explaining art stuff. :) Also I think I recommended you to newbie about getting art advice...or something.