Monday, February 01, 2010

Second piece sold.

Greetings. I have just returned from San Francisco vacation (well, not completely, since my rep called me to work on some frames from Saatchi and Saatchi). Among the places where I went were Mur Woods, Alcatraz, and Napa Valley. Some breath taking trees at Mur Woods. We had a rare opportunity to go below the surface of Alcatraz with a guide. He gave us the lecture of the basement structure of what used to be the fort during the Civil War. Napa Valley was quite the sight to see even though the vines weren't in bloom and the weather was cloudy. We went on the Wine Train (which I highly recommend). They serve really awesome food while you enjoy the sights of the wine estates.

Well returning back to business. Stephanie Seliskar and I sold our second piece at the Big Bar, New York City. I'm planning on having a meeting later this evening with Stephanie to talk about out our next piece. You can see our gallery at

JAVA! Recaffeinated has been fully inked and is now being colored.

I've been invited back to hold another two-day seminar in MO. I will be teaching a manga workshop.

I've met with a new design colleague, Tomonori Tsujita, about the redesign of Piggy Back Studios website. I'm jumping on the band wagon of people who think that html is probably the best way of creating websites. Flash is quite cumbersome (at least for me).

More to follow :) - Cheers!

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Ninja101 said...

things seem to be looking up for ya ^____^