Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Fun in the Sun (Sakura Festival 2010)

It was another successful event at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden this past Sunday. A few were wondering where I was on Saturday (I was at a friend's wedding which went from 3pm to 12 midnight).

Update on JAVA! - The book lettering is in progress. I'm very excited about how the project is coming along. I'll be meeting up with my colleague to ramble some ideas about the next issue with the evil Swizz Mizz making her appearance again. Just as a follow up to some questions I've been getting about JAVA! Recaffeinated. While the story premise hasn't much from the original series from 2004. Over the years, I've felt that the characters and plot needed more depth in order to sustain a longer series. I'll be posting more updates as the first issue nears printing. All questions and comments are welcome as always.


Mason said...

So, if I were to start with the new series without reading the first one, I won't be confused about the story?


No worries- the issue will start off fresh and new. The characters will be the same for the most part (with a few quirks and twists here and there).