Friday, July 27, 2007

Day 2 @ San Diego Comicon

Sitting at It's a Grind coffee shop, downtown San Diego while putting in this entry. I just discovered this place yesterday and I love it! Much better than Star Bucks and I get free wireless networking. Feeling much better now that I just finished up a freelance story board project and sent it over to a brand new client, DKB Marketing in Manhattan. One thing that I can't get used to taking my freelance work on the west coast is that the time difference. Just when you think you're ahead of schedule, you need to factor in that back home is three hours ahead of you.

(update) Still no work about the missing book and art materials on the plane. Good news is that I'm getting a new copy shipped out to me. I've been trying to jot down as many drawings I can remember from the past couple of weeks.

The locals here are so polite that it always takes time getting used to the environment. Makes you realize how stressed New Yorkers are with the crazy deadlines that go on.

My former SVA classmate, Joy Dey, has graciously allowed me to stay over the past couple of days.

Joy and Bill Dey in their new home.

The floor is crazier than I ever remember. Yesterday (Thursday) was so packed that you couldn't even move around the floor. Picked up my third Adam Hughes sketchbook among other freebies. Feel worn out overall. Haven't had much of a chance to do my routine network (frankly, I think I've met and known all the art directors prior to this convention).

Transformer's Optimus Prime

The Newest and Latest DDR.

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