Thursday, December 13, 2007

Week in Crazy Piggy Back Studios

Literally swamped since last Friday. Just when I thought that the Dragon Ball Z illustrations were finally done, got slammed with an overnight illustration project for Rebook. 8 color comp illustrations in literally 24 hours! Each one was pretty complex. For example, it was like "7 female joggers being chased by 50 puppies in a park with one falling down in the background. Behind the fence there's two male cheerleaders." That times 8?! Got that done and today I was at Cement Works Advertising working with art directors on their new medical product campaign.

Rainy rainy day today in NYC. On a bright note, I did find my scarf that I thought I lost at restaurant. I went back there and they had it in the office. Simple pleasures make the day go easier.

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