Saturday, July 19, 2008

San Diego Comicon

Hard to believe it, but it's already here - San Diego Comicon!

I just landed here this evening. This year, I wanted to come down a little earlier to hopefully catch up with friends from the SVA years. The flight was pleasant (asides from those few unexpected bumps). We stopped over in Austin, TX on the way in. I haven't been to that airport in over 10 years - brings back memories.

Sorry for the delay in updates - our DSL service from Verizon was giving us headaches, so we had to switch over to cable connection which is a heck lot faster. Makes me wish I had switched over sooner!

Final revisions for the Five Dysfunction of a Team have been submitted. I'll keep everyone posted with regards to when it's all finally completely done. Thanks everyone for their support throughout this past year.

Till later!


Sal said...

Enjoy yourself, buddy! We'll catch up when you get back.


Thanks Sal! I'll be in touch with you!