Monday, August 20, 2007

Transparent Gesso?

I've been meaning to try out this transparent gesso and use it instead of the matte medium to seal my drawings before painting over it for my illustrations. Haven't been in the city lately to drop by the local art stores yet.

Storyboards for the "Dysfunctions" book is moving along. The page count is probably coming close to 200 pages (the maximum limit). It's going to be a blast trying to trim out the "fat" pages.

Hey - I rented out and saw TNMT. Nothing to scream about, but it's definitely a fun watch. Recommend it!


Stephen Tashiro said...

How did transparent gesso work out? I'm wondering if one could print a drawing on canvas with an inkjet printer, gesso over it with transparent gesso and then paint on top of of that.


I love it! There's some nice texture you get with this gesso. I was just using this yesterday on my canvas. The one I have is Liquitex.